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Here are the instructions on creating a "Release" of the MvcContrib project. There is no need to build the project when creating a release, the build will create the source and binary zip files and upload them to codeplex automatically. The next step is to pull together some documentation and flip the switch to make the release public. (At some point we should create a WatiR/N script to do away with all the clicking.)

Login to Codeplex
Navigat to MvcContrib project
Navigat to the Releases tab
Note the current release.. Needed for the Version History.
Navigate to the Hidden release
Find the Release with the Highest version number.
In Release Details... Click Edit
Change the Status to Released
Change Show to public? to Yes
Change Show on home tab? to Yes
Change Default release? to Yes
Set the release date if it is in the future.

Get the change history.
Navigate to the build modification history..

Add the build history to the Description of the build.

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