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MvcContrib.Mvc5 should not have a dependency on Mvc4Futures


I found out the hard way today that Mvc4Futures does not play nice with MVC5. I was accidentally using one of the HTML helpers in this package, and it was causing a System.TypeAccessException (see for details).

I was able to force uninstall Mvc4Features and use Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.Futures (which is compatible with MVC5) instead, and this solved my problem with the HTML helper and didn't seem to break anything with MvcContrib.Mvc5.

So, I'd like to request that you change the dependency from Mvc4Futures --> Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.Futures (or just do away with the Futures dependency altogether if it's no longer needed).


TrueWill wrote Feb 19, 2015 at 3:39 PM

Major kudos to danthman for finding this! It's a huge issue, but this workaround does help. Please fix this!