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MvcContrib.Mvc5 should not have a dependency on Mvc4Futures

I found out the hard way today that Mvc4Futures does not play nice with MVC5. I was accidentally using one of the HTML helpers in this package, and it was causing a System.TypeAccessException (see ...

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How to Use from Bundling and Minification?

Hi all I used 'Portable Areas', It's great. but now, what I want is something like this: bundles.AddEmbeddedResources<ScriptBundle>("~/Test/Scripts", GetType().Assembly, "PortableAr...

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A suggestion

This is not regarding any issue but rather a suggestion.Is there any plan to expose views as pure cs files - may be designing something on the lines of Fluent Interfaces and internal Domain Specifi...

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System.FormatException when PortableArea content page includes Javascript blocks

ISSUE: MvcContrib.PortableAreas.PortableAreaMap.Transform(Stream stream) throws String.FormatException when the stream includes Javascript blocks. This is just a nuisance as I had expected to b...

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MVC4 support?

Any update for MVC4 support?

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MVCContrib IncludeCombiner issue with load balancer

Hi MVCContrib includecombiner gives an javascript error on loadbalancer environment. Unique key generated for JS/CSS resources which may not found when request it goes to other server. is there...

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Please add the ability to add an additional CSS class name or other identifier so that if you wish to have a top and bottom pager they may be easily identified.

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I wish to see EditorFor functions that return ActionResult as a controller extension

Here is what I mean: public class CustomControllerBase : Controller { public PartialViewResult EditorFor(object model) { return PartialView("EditorTemplates/" + model.GetType().Name, model); }...

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EmbeddedResourceController functionality broken with IISExpress8 / VS2012

Config: VS2012, MVC3, IISExpress8 Problem: Followed instructions on this blog post to install MvcContrib and create a Portable Area: The...

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RunTime column name

It would be very helpful to be able to assign Column names passing the Model/ViewContext. Currently : Column.For(row => row.GetPeriodAmount(1)).Named(Model.GetPeriodName(1)); at the moment I can...

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